James Reinebold
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Short Stories

Late Night Gas Station Clerk, Apocalypse Confidential
"Failed Fantasy Author", The Los Angeles Review
"Our 500-Year Plan", Compelling Science Fiction
"An Empty Space West of Iowa", Galaxy's Edge
"Extra Pickles for the End of the World", DailyScienceFiction.com
"Coin-operated Dancer", Nature
"The Cubicle Witch", DailyScienceFiction.com
"A Year of Cat Ownership", EveryDayFiction.com
"Akira Marathon", Spank the Carp
"Somewhere on the Thirtieth Floor", Word Riot
"A Tiny Splash", Fiction Southeast
"Broken Squirrels", EveryDayFiction.com
"A Short Flight", Citizen Brooklyn
"A Dance Hall for Software Engineers", Black Heart Magazine
"Beaches, Death, and Public Toilets", Portland Review's "Flash Fiction Friday" Feature
"Competition for Ice Wizards", EveryDayFiction.com
"The McElroy Family Hole", Jersey Devil Press
"Krystal K. and the Janitor", 365Tomorrows.com


"Riding Along the Asymptote", Star*Line
"Cost-Benefits Analysis of Being a Zombie", Star*Line
"An Upgraded Summarizer Gun", Star*Line


Goblin Clerk

Research Articles

Underwood, M., Braswell, J., Tackett, R., Terhune, L., Kelly, T., and Reinebold, J. 2012. System Emulation Tool. in Proceedings of the 2012 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference.
Parsons, T. and Reinebold, J. 2012. Adaptive Virtual Environments for Neuropsychological Assessment in Serious Games. in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. volume 58, issue 2, p. 197-204. (expansion of an earlier conference paper)
Reinebold, J. 2011. Evaluating Mobile Phones as Opportunistic On-Body Sensors. University of Southern California Master’s Thesis.
Parsons, T. and Reinebold, J. 2011. Neuroscience and Simulation Interface for Adaptive Assessment in Serious Games. in Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Games Innovation Conference.
Reinebold, J., Vathsangam, H., and Sukhatme, Gaurav. 2011. Inactivity Recognition: Separating Moving Phones from Stationary Users. in Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Sensing Applications on Mobile Phones at ACM SenSys 2011.